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ES Magazine works with The Gourmand’s David Lane on redesign, unveiled today


Lane & Associates: ES Magazine, photograph © Juergen Teller

ES Magazine has worked with David Lane, editor and creative director of The Gourmand, on its redesign, to be revealed today. The redesign of the Evening Standard’s weekly supplement includes a new logo, masthead and brand guidelines and accompanies an editorial overhaul under the magazine’s new editor, Laura Weir. 

What can you expect from the new ES Magazine? “More fashion, more beauty, more interiors, art and culture,” Weir says. “Robust reporting and social observation is part of the magazine’s legacy and we will build on that.” 

Working with art director Rasha Kahil, David was brought in as a consultant on the redesign and has developed a new set of templates, typestyles and page elements, as well as working on imagery for the first three issues with the editor and fashion editor. The in-house team will be responsible for rolling out the designs.

“There is a new suite of typefaces and styles, new grids, new paper and a new approach to imagery,” David explains. “The character of the publication very much remains. Its light hearted, humorous approach is the same, so expect cut-outs, research imagery, all the weekly bits and bobs. The pace of a weekly also dictates a lot of design decisions and a much quicker, less precious approach in general. It’s been fun to embrace this especially as I’m used to a much more controlled way of working.”


Lane & Associates: ES Magazine


Lane & Associates: ES Magazine


Lane & Associates: ES Magazine


Lane & Associates: ES Magazine


Lane & Associates: ES Magazine, © Juergen Teller