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“Less contour, more centaur”: Dazed Beauty launches print edition starring Kate Moss and Travis Scott


Dario Alva/the Travis Brothers/Dazed Beauty (via Dazed Beauty)

Seemingly on an unswervable mission to push the aesthetic boundaries of contemporary pop culture, left-field-looking fashion platform Dazed Beauty has pulled off its biggest, and strangest, coup yet.

For ‘Issue Zero’ of Dazed Beauty, the sub-publication’s first foray into the highly competitive world of print, they’ve only gone and enlisted Kate Moss and Travis Scott to parade around as “CGI centaurs existing in a parallel digital universe”.

The shoot – which is every bit as odd as the description above suggests – is the result of a collaboration between digital artists Darío Alva and the Travis Brothers. Described by Dazed as the “ultimate dystopian dreamscape”, the seriously strange images, which pair one of the fashion world’s most iconic figures with a hip-hop star set on reimagining the genre, are part of a 10-page feature called The Children of Ixion.

The aim, the magazine says, of such an outlandish initial cover, is to ensure that readers are fully aware of just how much Dazed Beauty is about “defying your expectations of what a beauty magazine should be”.

Or as they put it: “Less contour, more centaur.”

If you want to get a better understanding of how Dazed Beauty intends to reframe the idea of beauty in the 21st century, why not hop in a time machine and read our interview with the publication’s editor, Bunny Kinney, from World Mental Health Day 2018?


Dario Alva/the Travis Brothers/Dazed Beauty (via Dazed Beauty)