Jeremy Deller and others curate Brexit-inspired photography show for Dazed

2 April 2019

Photo: Craig Bernard (Via Dazed and Confused)

You can’t have failed to notice that Brexit hasn’t gone as smoothly as many of us would have liked. Back in June 2016 – when the world was young and it felt like we had our entire lives ahead of us – leavers and remainers alike hoped the situation would resolve itself quickly, effectively, and amicably.

Here in the cold light of an April day in 2019, we know this wasn’t the case. Just last night MPs voted unanimously to reject, again, a new batch of proposals. Having missed one massive deadline, it now looks like the extension kindly offered by the European Union will be missed too. So what do we do next? One option is to let the politicians duke it out in the House of Commons and head down to an east London gallery to gawp at a collection of Brexit-inspired photos collated and curated by Dazed and Confused.

Hosted at LN-CC for the next three weeks, The Present Tense sees photos selected by the likes of Jeremy Deller, Viv Albertine, and The Guardian’s superstar investigative journalist Carole Cadwalladr.

“The powerful images deal with gentrification, displacement and the geography of urban life, hostility against immigrants in areas outside London, and the power and freedom of youth in the face of it all,” says the magazine.

In addition to the LN-CC exhibition, a selection of photos will also be on display at London’s City Hall.


Photo: Steve Reeves (Via Dazed and Confused)


Photo: Rio Blake (Via Dazed and Confused)


Photo: Deividas Buivydas (Via Dazed and Confused)

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