Canada's been given a loved-up new logo

21 June 2019

(Via Destination Canada)

Canada has been given a new look. Sort of.

More specifically, the North American nation’s national marketing agency, Destination Canada, has this week unveiled an updated brand identity seeking to entice visitors from across the world to holiday in the home of Drake, poutine, and unstinting politeness..

The most noticeable element of this overhaul – and we’re sure that everyone reading this has been paying close attention to the various iterations of the Canadian national graphic identity over the years – is the implementation of a new typographic library which stretches the word Canada into a heart.

Oh, and there’s a maple leaf in the mix too, because of course there’s a maple leaf in the mix. This is Canada after all, folks.

The agency’s brand booklet states that: “This logo is a reflection of Canada today, a study in movement and evolution rooted in our country’s bold colour and iconography. Here, we take the nation’s pulse and feel its heartbeat. It’s an embodiment of the positive energy that makes hearts glow.”

From now on, all Destination Canada material will be rendered in two typefaces: Separat Black and Suisse Int’l. As you’d expect rich dark reds are the predominant feature of the identity’s colour palette.

The identity intends to point out that the vast country is “more than just a place on a map.” The world, they say, “needs more Canada."


(Via Destination Canada)


(Via Destination Canada)

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