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Disney commemorates Black History Month with free viewings of Black Panther


© 2017: Disney/Marvel Studios

The CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Robert “Bob” Iger, has announced via Twitter that Marvel Studio’s Black Panther will air for free across 250 locations in the US.

The award-winning film will screen twice a day for one week from 1 to 7 February in commemoration of Black History Month. In this outspoken support for the prevalent Black Lives Matter movement, Disney will also donate $1.5 million to the United Negro College Fund in an attempt to “make the dream of higher education a reality for more students”, the CEO states.

Though this barely makes a dent in Disney’s multi-billion dollar net worth, it shows an attempt to progressively move towards a more diverse viewing experience for cinema-goers and an intent to positively alter the landscape of the US higher education system. Since its conception, Disney has shaped children’s ideas of happy-ever-after and what a really beautiful princess should look like, and so this news comes as a welcome display of goodwill from the Burbank-based headquarters.