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Hey Neighbour! asks DIA, Supermundane and other designers to reach out to their nearest fellow citizen


DIA for Hey Neighbour!

Despite close living quarters, most Londoners can go for months without talking to their neighbours. For London Design Festival, design and branding agency dn&co wanted to encourage the famously insular (read: anti-social) city to drop those barriers and reach out to their nearest fellow humans, with a print exhibition to raise money for homeless charity (and dn&co’s Bermondsey neighbour) The Manna Society.

The show features 22 prints by international designers including Alex Hunting, Carter studio, Charlie Smith Design, Colophon, Commission, DIA, Here, Hey, Lee Mawdsley, Mucho, OMSE, Rejane Dal Bello, Socio, Spin, Studio Lowrie, Studio Makgill, Studio.Build, Supermundane, Supple Studio, Systems Studio and TM Studio, plus dn&co themselves. Prints will be available to buy at the exhibition and online at dn&co’s shop in editions of 20 for £40 each, with net proceeds going to the charity.

“Living as neighbours can be difficult, funny, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes dangerous,” says dn&co’s creative director Patrick Eley. “With 4 billion of us now living in cities, and even more of us online, we have to reconsider what being a neighbour is and find new, imaginative ways to communicate.”

The work reveals “a surprising picture of sharing, kindness, loneliness and kinship,” he says, “from petty disagreements on our doorsteps, to a call for global citizenship.”

Hey Neighbour! opened this weekend and will open again this coming weekend, 20-22 September 2019 at 3 Tyers Gate, London. Earlier this year, dn&co rebranded Birmingham’s creative quarter in collaboration with Colophon.


Alex Hunting for Hey Neighbour!


Colophon for Hey Neighbour!


Commission for Hey Neighbour!


Studio Build for Hey Neighbour!


Supermundane for Hey Neighbour!


dn&co for Hey Neighbour!


Hey for Hey Neighbour!


Lowrie for Hey Neighbour!


Studio Makgill for Hey Neighbour!