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Domino’s bold new box design by JKR plays to our takeaway greed


Domino’s box design by JKR

Branding agency Jones Knowles Ritchie has created a new box design for pizza purveyors Domino’s that goes large with its logo, and is designed around its combo deal. Astoundingly, JKR discovered 96% of all Domino’s pizzas sold in the UK are sold as a pair, so played on this when designing the boxes, one red and one blue, based on the company’s logo.

According to JKR, the brief was to make the design “shareable” on social media, and instantly recognisable, so the design has been stripped back to basics. “Its boxes had become cluttered with generic messaging and the brand mark had a small presence,” says Lee Rolston, global strategy director at JKR. “We needed to amplify and celebrate what made it different and charismatic [so] created a bold, simple design which makes the logo the hero, and issues an open invitation to consumers to play and share.”


JKR: Domino’s box design


JKR: Domino’s box design


JKR: Domino’s box design, before and after