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A trick or treating Donald Trump appears on this week’s New Yorker cover


Image via the New Yorker/Mark Ulriksen

What’s scarier? Michael Myers pratting about in a dodgy latex mask, or the fact that the leader of the free world seemingly spends far more dossing about during office hours each day than most of us do over the course of an entire month? We’ll leave that decision to you, dear reader.

With Halloween just a day away now, it’s rather apt that the forthcoming issue of the New Yorker features the pumpkin-shaded president tottering down the street terrifying a trio of innocent trick or treaters who, presumably, were just out for a good time, hoping they’d return home with a pumpkin stuffed to the brim with that weird, sort of sick tasting chocolate that they consume with abandon over in the USA.

Drawn by Mark Ulriksen — who has previously turned in covers
for the magazine that feature balletic baseballers, big-headed baseballers, and, yep, more baseballers in the course of a 20 year relationship with the New Yorker — it shows the Donald displaying the trademark smirk that’s become as familiar and unpleasant as chicken pox.

You can read a Halloween-focused interview with Mark himself over on the New Yorker’s website.

Anyone stuck for the kind of post-postmodern costume that’ll have the assembled graphic designers down the pub glowing green with envy might do well to consider nipping into WH Smith, buying every copy of the issue on the shelves, and wrapping themselves in it.