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Filmmaker Edouard Salier directs “sexy, strange and brutal” new music video for Justice


Filmmaker Edouard Salier directs the new music video for dance collective Justice, titled _Love S.O.S_ today, as part of their new album _Woman Worldwide_, out now.

The video absorbs a palette of reds, blues and purples as it takes us on a journey of sex and masculinity seen through sequinned underwear, pole dancing and a blood-soaked club fight.

Salier, who previously took us on a red space exploration for Metronomy’s 2013 single I’m Aquarius, also directed Justice’s Civilisation video, a brooding cinematic work of space and wonderment.

This time, the gaze is a pointed focus on our own fascination with voyeurism and danger, using the medium of dance and desire. Speaking about the concept Salier says, “Xavier and Gaspard [Justice] wanted Love S.O.S to be sexy, strange and brutal. The song is sweaty and weeping; the visuals needed to illustrate this and to be as beautiful as they are disturbing.” The duo further add that they “wanted the spectator of the video to find themselves in the same voyeuristic position as the audience attending the show: first, to find ourselves fascinated by the performance of the pole dance, then surprised and hypnotised by its outcome.”

Love S.O.S is part of their new album Woman Worldwide out now, and you can watch the video below.