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Elton John raps for a snack in AMV BBDO’s latest ad campaign for Snickers



Elton John is many things. Tennis buff, Watford fanatic, toupee connoisseur, the list goes on. Elton John is not, we’re sad to say, a naturally gifted rapper. How do we know this, you ask? The answer isn’t as exciting as you might have thought. We’re yet to get an invite to one of the big man’s many palatial piles for an evening of canapés, caviar, and Capone-N-Noreaga karaoke, more’s the pity.

We know that Elton probably won’t be popping off a hot 16 on the next Lil Xan mixtape thanks to AMV BBDO’s latest glossy advert for nut-heavy chocolate bar, Snickers.

The Andreas Nilsson directed clip takes place in the kind of house party that the Rocket Man singer probably doesn’t usually frequent of a Friday night. We see a bustling, bumping soirée taking place Stateside. A rap battle takes place, and yep, our boy Elton’s right in the thick of things. Dressed to the nines in a sequin-studded suit that might be worth more than the GDP of Luxembourg, Elton steps to the mic only to squeeze out a few halting lines from his 1976 Kiki Dee duet Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.

This, evidently, isn’t what’s expected of him. He’s asked to stop, fed a Snickers, and then miraculously morphs into a real-life US rapper. The battle carries on as if Elton John had never been there.

This isn’t the first time AMV BBDO have given the snack a transformative twist. You’ll remember, of course, those videos where Joan Collins found herself wafting around the steam and suds of a male changing room only to find herself radically reimagined as a muddied post-match footballer.