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England’s rugby team gets an inclusive new look courtesy of Onwards


Onwards/England Rugby

Ahead of the 2019 Rugby World Cup, the face of English rugby has been given a visual overhaul courtesy of London-based agency, Onwards.

Fans of the Red and Whites – as we’re reliably told the team are affectionately known as – gearing themselves up for next year’s tournament in Japan have a few months to get used to the new overarching identity of England rugby, the body which oversees the state of rugby union in, yep, England.

Keen to reflect the diversity of English rugby, fans and players alike, from grassroots to the big leagues, Onwards creates an identity placing the England Rugby’s pre-existing slogan (“The Game of Our Lives”) at the heart of the brand experience.

Onwards says: “To bring ‘The Game of Our Lives’ to life visually we developed an identity based on a timeline device. This linear system creates a home for storytelling in the brand, enabling us to showcase in a huge array of diverse content – from social posts to grassroots imagery to elite footage, while always remaining on brand.”

The linear approach extends across the whole campaign with the deployment of a flexible typeface which allows for the design to “work effectively in everything from stadium signage to Snapchat posts.”


Onward: England Rugby


Onward: England Rugby


Onward: England Rugby


Onward: England Rugby