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Christmas comes early for health goths everywhere with the new Nike Tech Pack campaign


Step away from your desk. Leave the studio. Place your ear gently, gently, to the ground. Once you’ve navigated the subterranean rumblings of water undulating below you, you’ll likely hear the sound of a thousand trainer-clad graphic design nuts rushing to the nearest Nike outlet. Why? Because the Oregonian giants have released a new Tech Pack collection, and they’ve packaged it brilliantly.

Devised by the Nike Brand Design team, who have partnered with studio Culturesport on the project, the campaign features a hyper-colour assemblage of tortoises, touchscreens, and tricked out BMXs.

Nike say that, “The new Tech Pack helps you take on your city through its cutting-edge design and material innovation, pushing you to turn ambition into action,” a brief that seems to have been interpreted to perfection by the design team and Culturesport, with the result being a super-stylish set visuals have got us desperate to sign up to whatever gym inspired them.

If you’ve got a penchant for technical sportswear that looks like it’s been beamed straight from 3018 into your living room, you’re in luck. If you don’t possess such a predilection, have a skim through the material below and you might suddenly find yourself overcome with a desire to chuck out those nice desert boots you just bought, in favour of the kind of trainers that wouldn’t be out of place in the best sci-fi film you’ve never seen.