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LAW unveils father and son shoot with Ewen and Kuba Spencer


Ewen and Kuba Spencer/LAW/C.P. Company

The last time we caught up with the team over at Lives and Works (LAW) they were giving us the lowdown on Britain’s clandestine late-night racing scene, as captured in their fantastic short documentary Midnight Express

The magazine’s latest project is a little less hi-octane, but similarly attuned to the sound of the underground. For the past few years much-loved photographer Ewen Spencer has been working on an ongoing project with his son, Kuba. Caught By the River sees them trodding in dad’s steps though style and music as a younger man.

A supplementary part of this father and son powerhouse’s creative output comes in the form of a shoot they’ve done for Italian menswear brand C.P. Company’s LAW-crafted AW18 campaign.

In an accompanying essay written by Real Lies frontman Kev Kharas, Newcastle-born Ewen is described as “the definitive chronicler of British nightlife,” over the past two decades thanks to the peerless work stuffed inside books Young Love and Brandy & Coke.

Shot in Brighton, the campaign material takes the viewer away from the seaside town’s array of pubs, chip shops and arcades, instead showing man and boy ambling around lesser known locations including a narrow gauge heritage railway. Wearing some very nice, very expensive coats, obviously.

If you like premium Italian clobber, the understated melancholy of English towns out of season, and the sight of fathers and sons evidently enjoying those things too, there’s a lot to love.


Ewen and Kuba Spencer/LAW/C.P. Company


Ewen and Kuba Spencer/LAW/C.P. Company


Ewen and Kuba Spencer/LAW/C.P. Company


Ewen and Kuba Spencer/LAW/C.P. Company


Ewen and Kuba Spencer/LAW/C.P. Company