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New exhibition hosted by Fabric turns the lens on clubbing around the world


Molly Macindoe: R&R on the Rooftop, Brick Lane (Via Fabric)

One of the UK’s best-loved clubs is gearing up to host a photography exhibition showcasing a smattering of snappers with a passion for nightlife.

Opening next week at Fabric, Club Culture tells the “untold stories” of “the 1970s Soviet hippies movement, to the inception of Tresor and Berlin techno in the 90s and the dawn of the 90s North American rave culture and beyond,” using photos plucked from the OurHistory archives.

Taking over all three of Fabric’s justly-celebrated rooms — rooms where you’re usually more like to find Jeff Mills than Jeff Wall – the show will be a subcultural exploration of hedonistic scenes touching on everything from post-Franco partying in Madrid to the Estonian psychedelic underground.

Club Culture has been curated by Red Gallery head honcho Ernesto Leal who describes the show as “a statement made in opposition to the current all-pervasive view that is both ignorant and cynical towards the ethics, diversity and richness of collective histories –marginalised cultures that could not exist without the European collective conscience.”

Ernesto will also be heading up a panel of judges assigned to cast an eye over clubbing-related prints created by contemporary creatives. The winning prints will go alongside the photos.

The show opens on April 25.


Jason Manning: Fruit Machine at Heaven (Via Fabric)


Gavin Mills (Via Fabric)


Dimitri Hegemann: Jeff Mills at Tresor (Via Fabric/Tresor Archive)