Fashion Revolution zine featuring Alec Doherty and Alex Jenkins campaigns for sustainable reform

9 January 2017

Alex Jenkins: Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution, a non-profit organisation campaigning for systemic reform of the fashion industry, has published the first issue of its zine. Titled Money Fashion Power, it features illustration and graphic design by Alec Doherty, Alex Jenkins, Chrissie Abbott and Tyler Spangler. It explores “themes of transparency, sustainability, inequality and ethics in the fashion industry”.

The issue also features artwork by fashion illustrator Elyse Blackshaw, embroiderer Cléa Lala and illustrators Rozalina Burkova and Georgia Keeling, as part of a 72-page publication. Covering topics such as supply chain, exploitation, sustainability and environment, the first issue aims to raise money and awareness to further the organisation’s work.

It also publishes the results of a year-long research project by Microfinance Opportunities called the Garment Worker Diaries, about the lives and wages of hundreds of garment workers in Cambodia, Bangladesh and India.

The organisation was founded after the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh in 2013, which killed 1,134 people. It staged the first Fashion Revolution Week in 2016, which will return from 24–30 April 2017. The zine was crowdfunded and is now available to pre-order online.


Alec Doherty: Fashion Revolution


Georgia Keeling: Fashion Revolution


Rozalina Burkova: Fashion Revolution


Clea Lala: Fashion Revolution


Tyler Spangler: Fashion Revolution


Chrissie Abbott: Fashion Revolution


Fashion Revolution

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