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Experimental designer Felix Salut launches typographic Galapagos Game


The Galapagos typeface with its geometric letterforms and swooping descenders is one beloved by designers. Designed by Dinamo and Felix Salut, the typeface was originally developed from a game Felix’s experimental studio designed titled the Galapagos Game. Felix’s original incarnation has already been acquired by Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum as a nugget of design history, but today Felix’s studio launches an affordable, pocket version.

The Galapagos Game is made up of 54 building blocks printed with broken shapes which, when pleasingly laid out together, can form endless varieties of letterforms and words. Designed on the principles of self-learning, “The project was all about combinations and possibilities within a visual system,” says Felix Salut. “It was made to scribble, write, draw, create patterns, build, and invent.”

When Dinamo released the typeface the foundry accompanied its launch with an app, mimicking the game’s process of creating combinations by forming alternate versions when shaking the phone. However, Felix’s pocket version marks the first time you’ll be able to make letterforms using your very own set.


Felix Salut: The Galapagos Game


Felix Salut: The Galapagos Game