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Font research study finds the UK’s most recognisable and trustworthy typefaces


Times New Roman and Comic Sans are among the most trustworthy fonts, according to a new study by printing company Solopress. The survey was commissioned to investigate the UK public’s perception of fonts.

Of the 1,000 people surveyed, one in 12 said Comic Sans was the most trustworthy font but Times New Roman was the most trusted.

Arial was named the most recognisable typeface, with 33% of people identifying it.

Only 5% of people could correctly pick Johnston as the font used on the London Underground, but among Londoners this rose to 23%. Just 4% could identify the Transport typeface used on most road signs.

However 47% of the group could pick out the font used by the BBC, with recognition highest among those aged over 55. Those aged between 35 – 44 recognised Google’s typeface best, and younger adults between 18 – 24 correctly said Helvetica was the font used by Facebook.