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Alasdair McLellan shoots Frank Ocean for glorious GQ cover



Print lovers rejoice: the first big magazine cover of 2019 has arrived. No, we’re not talking about the investigation that adorns the front of the current issue of Farmers Weekly. Sadly.

Somehow more exciting than that, is the news that _GQ_have paired one of the most cherished singers of the 21st century with a heavyweight of contemporary portraiture for the sort of photo shoot that we’d rip away from the spine and plaster all over our walls. If we still did that sort of thing.

Frank Ocean and Alasdair McLellan, together at last. Yep, you read that right. Accompanying a wide-ranging interview conducted by the writer Emmett Crudas and Frank’s producer Vegyn, the shoot sees the Blonde singer looking all mean, moody, distant, and beatific in a series of outfits that you’ll wish you had the confidence to pull off. A bright orange vintage Trainspotting t-shirt? Go on then. A floral Prada polo neck? Why not.

Pick up a copy of the February issue of GQ to feast your eyes on the series in full.


GQ/Alasdair McLellan


GQ/Alasdair McLellan


GQ/Alasdair McLellan