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Finally, there’s a healthy floral answer to the munchies, just in time for 4/20


Freddy Taylor/Jrasic

Thanks to a calendrical quirk, 4/20 falls over the Easter bank holiday, meaning the nation’s stoners can really enjoy the solid 14 hours they were planning on spending watching Bon Appétit videos on YouTube.

To mark the occasion, Wieden + Kennedy London’s Freddy Taylor has teamed up with Dorset-based “floral decorators” for an edible celebration of the weediest day of the year. Made to “satisfy the hunger of loved ones and friends who are likely to partake and celebrate 420 next Sunday,” the ingenious assemblage features sweet peas, wheat grass, artichokes and garden peas, with the result being somewhat healthier than huffing down on a pile of brown sauce sandwiches – white bread, margarine, an inch of HP – as stoners have been known to do.

“Collectively we’ve probably smoked weed all of about three times in our lives but we’ve always found the idea of the munchies pretty amusing,” says Freddy when we asked how he and Jrasic founders Jess and Conn landed on the idea of a hunger-alleviating bouquet custom built for sativa connoisseurs.

“Humans smoke grass and turn into sheep – grazing off whole fridges of cake and cold pizza. Often the most vegan of stoners lose all sense of health and beauty to make a B-line for the junk. I guess we were interested in taking the grime out of the munchies while upping the absurdity of stoned and hungry humans,” Freddy says.

Anyone looking for a gustatory gift for a London-based beloved bong-huffer is in luck. The edible bouquets are available from Jrasic for a limited time only.


Freddy Taylor/Jrasic


Freddy Taylor/Jrasic


Freddy Taylor/Jrasic