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Applications are now open for Freitag’s executive vice pleasident for global happiness!


Photo by Peter Hauser

To mark its 25th birthday, Zurich-based truck tarp-bag manufacturer Freitag is hiring an “executive vice pleasident for global happiness” – of course. “We’re asking anyone with not just an idea but a plan as to how we can sustainably increase happiness worldwide to apply for the position,” reads a recent press release titled “Bag Makers Seek Happy Maker”.

Slightly confused? Don’t worry, it’s not just you. Essentially, the position opening comes after the company realised – in the year of its first quarter-century – that it wanted to say thank you to all its loyal customers and fans by celebrating “the bonus point” in its manifesto: “Happiness is cyclical”. This decision was made in hope that some of that said happiness will “rub off on as many people as possible all over the world and beyond the Freitag customer cosmos”.

The company, however ambitious, understands that although it knows a hell of a lot about the production and marketing of trendy and sustainable bags, it knows far less about the production and marketing of global contentment. “That’s why we’re looking for outside support and have advertised the position,” it continues.

As a result, it’s calling for all those who have an idea, and a convincing plan, on how to achieve a sustainable increase in worldwide happiness. It’s a job with perks including flexible working hours and is temporary as, by nature of the job, it will hopefully make itself redundant. If boosting the endorphins of billions of people sounds like something you can get behind, you can apply for the role over on the Freitag website.


Photo by Peter Hauser