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Set designer Gary Card has made an eight-foot plasticine Christmas tree


Gary Card

Prolific set designer Gary Card has made a Christmas tree for the Sanderson Hotel, London.

The eight-foot-high tree bears all the hallmarks of its maker, it’s plasticine and vivid colours recalling Gary’s Happy Breakfast project from earlier this year. This time, in the place of Happy Breakfast’s ghoulish and slightly sinister collection of creatures, the tree is decorated with characters from Alice in Wonderland, among them Alice herself, the Cheshire cat, rabbit and card soldiers, who sit alongside a cast of Christmas figures, snowmen and gingerbread men.

The tree is created from a steel base, on top of which 400 bars of plasticine in different colours have been plastered. Weighing around 2,000 pounds, the ambitious Christmas tree was the work of three artists who took 36 hours to intricately craft the tree’s finer details, and ten hours to bring the Christmas tree to life on site.


Gary Card