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Getty Images to ban contributors from airbrushing models to look thinner


In an email to contributors Getty Images has announced a ban on photography that has been manipulated to change models’ body shape. Retouching skin blemishes or changing nose shape or hair colour will still be permissible according to the new policy.

The announcement has been timed to coincide with a new law in France requiring magazines to tell readers whether their commercial images have been Photoshopped to make models appear thinner or larger. It is hoped that the change will encourage healthier views on body image, especially in young women. The law – and Getty’s new submission requirements – will come into play on 1 October. Advertisers that break the law risk a fine of up to €37,500.

Numerous celebrities have hit back at magazines for airbrushing them unrealistically as of late, from Lorde and Lady Gaga to Kate Winslet. In June Getty launched a partnership with editorial photographer Campbell Addy to promote more representative stock photography.