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Gilbert and George to celebrate their golden anniversary with new exhibition


Gilbert & George, BEARDOUT (2016) 226 × 254 cm, © Gilbert & George, Courtesy White Cube

One of art’s most intriguing duos Gilbert and George have spent 50 years working together. White Cube today announced that they will be celebrating the occasions across all four galleries at the White Cube Bermondsey from 22 November 2017.

On display will be Gilbert and George’s The Beard Pictures, a new series which depicts both artists unsmiling and red with heavily embellished, luridly coloured beards, often decorated with barbed wire as a metaphor for protection and disguise. The Beard Pictures will be shown together with The Fuckosophy, a staggering 4000 slogans and mottos executed by the artists in black and red type. The Fuckosophy will fill the gallery’s main corridor along with an entire room.

Michael Bracewell, writer and novelist commented in a press statement: “In the half century that they have lived and worked together as Living Sculptures, embarked on a visionary journey through the modern world, always together and always alone, Gilbert & George have made fiercely singular Anti-Art that is poetic, primal and emotionally driven.

“Aggressively absurd, trashing contemporary artistic niceties but resonant with intense symbolism, The Beard Pictures turn history into a mad parade, their mood shape-shifting between that of science fiction, lucid dreaming and Victorian caricature.”


Gilbert & George
254 × 302 cm
© Gilbert & George
Courtesy White Cube