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Google Creative Lab unveils Autodraw, an AI drawing tool to make your doodles better


Google Creative Lab (GCL) has unveiled Autodraw, a free, web-based drawing tool, akin to autocorrect, that combines machine learning technology with artists’ drawings to make your doodles better.

Autodraw allows you to draw an image on your phone, tablet or desktop computer, and then recognises what you’re trying to draw and provides suggestions for a more refined version of your image. The team worked with a group of artists, designers and illustrators to create the original line drawings, including design studios Hawraf and Selman Design, and designer/illustrators Erin Butner, Julia Melograna, Pei Liew, Simone Noronha and Tori Hinn. It’s also inviting users to submit its own drawings to the database.

“Drawing on your phone or computer can be slow and difficult,” explains GCL creative technologist Dan Motzenbecker. Autodraw, he says, was therefore created to help you draw, making doodling “as easy and fast as everything else on the web” and “more accessible and fun for everyone”.

The product is a development of Quick Draw, an AI experiment which uses similar technology to guess what your doodle might be.