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Google revives Google Glass for industry applications


Two years after the project was cancelled, Google has revealed that it has been developing and testing a second iteration of the Google Glass technology in over 50 businesses across the US. Called Google Glass Enterprise Edition, the revamped technology has been used by companies including Boeing, GE and DHL and is now available to all businesses.

Google’s parent company Alphabet has commenced “full-on” production and, until now, had undertaken development in secret with partners and clients being required to sign non-disclosure agreements during the testing phase.

The Enterprise Edition has, according to the company, improved battery life, an improved eight megapixel camera, faster wifi and processor, and an overhaul of the electronics which allows the tech to be attached to Glass compatible frames such as safety goggles and prescription glasses.

Google is searching for more partners to help further develop the project and Wired has published a detailed background to the entire process.

“Workers in many fields, like manufacturing, logistics, field services, and healthcare find it useful to consult a wearable device for information and other resources while their hands are busy,” explained Jay Kothari, the project lead in a Medium post. “That’s why we’ve spent the last two years working closely with a network of more than 30 expert partners to build customised software and business solutions for Glass for people in these fields.”