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GQ reveals Jeremy Corbyn cover, shot by Marco Grob


Marco Grob: Jeremy Corbyn for GQ

British GQ has unveiled Jeremy Corbyn as its latest cover star, shot by renowned Swiss photographer Marco Grob. Its Jan/Feb 2018 issue features the Labour leader in a Marks and Spencer suit and staple red tie, with the coverline “Jeremy Corbyn’s hostile takeover”.

Inside the issue, GQ’s senior commissioning editor Stuart McGurk interviews Corbyn about his stance on Brexit, Putin, Trump and Tony Blair, in particular reference to the Iraq war. “It’s not a question of forgiving,” he says. “It’s a question of understanding the enormity of that decision. And I look back at the points that we made in the run-up to the war and the words that I used in a big rally in 2003, in which I said. ‘This war will unleash terror.’ And look what happened.”

A flick through 52-year-old photographer Marco Grob’s back catalogue shows the plethora of famous faces that he’s lensed, from Lady Gaga and Bill Murray to Kanye West, Daisy Ridley, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Grant and Blake Lively. Known for his glossy and dramatic portraiture, the photographer’s Corbyn shoot resulted in a variety of depictions, from the confident cover, to another moodier black and white shot inside, and a cheesy thumbs up.

GQ’s Jan/Feb 2018 issue is out 4 December.


Marco Grob: Jeremy Corbyn for GQ