Gym Class Magazine founder Steven Gregor on why this is the last ever issue

21 September 2016

Gym Glass last issue cover

Founder of Gym Class magazine Steven Gregor looks back, but mostly forward, as he publishes the last ever issue of the magazine about great magazines.

First off, why is this the last ever issue of Gym Class?

Gym Class has been a great side project. I’ve learnt a lot. The experience is invaluable. But, growth potential for Gym Class is limited. I wanna take what I’ve learnt and create something for a larger audience. Plus, issue 15 feels like a good, considered number to end on.

What are your plans now?

I’m launching a new magazine in 2017. It’s too early to speak about specifics. But I’m pretty excited about it. My role will be editor and publisher. I’ve had my first distributor meeting.

I want to work with a studio for the creative direction and design. The plan is to start modest and grow, but I’m adamant the new magazine won’t be a one man show.

How was it putting together the issue – nostalgic, sad, exciting?

It was exciting. Knowing it was the last issue fuelled my motivation to make it the best (and most successful… fingers crossed) issue ever.


Gym Glass last issue: comic


Gym Glass last issue: Four Seasons

What can we look out for in the issue?

Editorially, there’s plenty to entertain and inspire mag folk. Personally, the highlights are less sexy. I’m proud of the A-grade partnerships I’ve established (Commercial Type, GF Smith and Park Communications are all issue partners). And I’m super proud of what the distributor Comag and I have achieved. The new issue will be available from Barnes & Noble in the States. For a while now North America has been the biggest single market for Gym Class (mostly online sales). Barnes & Noble stocking Gym Class is a proud moment for me.

Do you think it will ever return?

Nope. Never gonna happen. Magazines have their moment, Gym Class has had its. I’ve achieved all I can with Gym Class. I feel like it’s going out on a high. That’s a good feeling.


Gym Glass last issue: The New York Times Magazine


Gym Glass last issue: contents


Gym Glass last issue: cover design


Gym Glass last issue: cover design


Gym Glass last issue: Coverjunkie


Gym Glass last issue: LeGun


Gym Glass last issue: Wired

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