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Malika Favre, Jean Jullien, Hey Studio and more create new work for Handsome Frank’s Instabrief Exhibition

Today, illustration agency Handsome Frank opens an exhibition of 32 new artworks inspired by the posts of Instagram users. Instabrief includes work by Malika Favre, Jean Jullien, Hey Studio, Jordan Metcalfe and more.

The starting point for the exhibition was when Handsome Frank asked its followers on Instagram to provide a visual brief to inspire the artists, tagging the post with #hfinstabrief. The artists were then able to choose and image that caught their aye, and create an artwork inspired by it. More than 700 images were submitted and the artworks range from vector and hand-drawn illustration, to paper craft, embroidery and CGI renders.

“Instagram is a platform we love. What we do is obviously very visual, so it’s always been the perfect social media channel for us to showcase our illustrators,” says Handsome Frank co-founder Jon Cockley. We wanted to host a group exhibition of original work, but we thought it would be much more fun to engage with our followers and use their images to inspire the art. The new work is amazing, each artist has used the Instagram post in a different way, some very literally, others more conceptually, but everyone enjoyed the freedom of starting from a photograph.”

The exhibition runs from 4 – 10 May at ThePrintSpace, 74 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8DL.


Guillame Kurkdjian: Instabrief


Hey Studio: : Instabrief


Jean Jullien: Instabrief


Jordan Metcalf: Instabrief


Malika Favre: Instabrief


Maricor Maricar: Instabrief


Paul Blow: Instabrief


Thomas Danthony: Instabrief


David Sparshott: Instabrief