Hato brands a digital-first Berlin hotel – and you can apply to stay for free

The functional identity is inspired by the design of a clock face, specifically Dieter Rams’ work for Braun.

19 September 2023

An interesting new project has launched from Hato with the Berlin-based, digital-first hotel MM:NT, which will soon open its doors for paying guests. Hato has created its identity, working across everything from hotel signage to digital assets.

So what is a ‘digital-first’ hotel? Well, according to Hato, MM:NT aims to integrate elements of our tech-heavy lifestyle – think food deliveries rather than eating out – into the hotel experience. It will run on a self-serve model and each room will be kitted out with digital functions that save on time and energy. MM:NT is currently running a lab to test out its rooms and make the experience as smooth as possible for future guests. The hotel is even looking for members of its community to test out its spaces for free, which you can apply for here.

MM:NT’s branding is also in the beta phase. As the labs progress, Hato might alter the design depending on guest feedback.

For now, the identity is sparse and minimal, although there is a warmth present too. Hato was inspired by clocks, “which gave us an opportunity to delve deep into the archive of Dieter Rams work for Braun,” says co-founder Kenjiro Kirton. The signage in particular pays homage to Rams’ refined approach, from door signs with LED track lighting to larger modular signs above the counters. Elsewhere, the wordmark is predicated on a colon; the ‘MM’ and ‘NT’ on either side can be seen ticking like an alarm clock.

User experience is at core of this project. “Our focus was on the small moments in time while travelling,” says Kenjiro, “they may not be the reasons why we travel but they are things to still get excited about, for me they range from meeting new people through to coming back to your room and finding it freshened up.”

GalleryHato: MM:NT (Copyright © Hato, 2023)

Hato: MM:NT (Copyright © Hato, 2023)

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Hato: MM:NT (Copyright © Hato, 2023)

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