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Pinar&Viola creates holographic catwalk show for a virtual fashion line shown on real models


A team of designers has created the world’s first holographic catwalk for an entirely virtual fashion line, shown using real-life models at Amsterdam Fashion Week. The holograms are projected on a transparent screen at 45 degrees, with a model standing behind in a skin-coloured suit, who moves to align with the movements of the CGI animated clothing.

The team behind the project includes digital design studio Pinar&Viola, which directed the hologram, and Amber Jae Slooten, who designed the virtual collection. Also involved were Peter Leferink, Kim Vos and Nelle Swan. In a behind the scenes film, Amber says she envisions this as the future of fashion, and hopes the integration of fashion and technology will “help as much as it did in the architecture and car industry.”

“I hope that with these technologies we can translate craftsmanship designing into something more virtual.”