House of Vans celebrates its tenth anniversary with a new book charting art, music and photography

If These Walls Could Talk features 200 pages of stories, photographs and music from across a timeline of the brand’s global venues.

18 November 2021

Metallica, Public Enemy, Nas, Foo Fighters, Anderson .Paak, and Blondie have been just a few to headline House of Vans’s global stages, in addition to hosting artists and skate legends from around the world. Now, for its fanbase, Vans has released a one-of-a-kind book charting visual mementos of the last ten years of the House of Vans. The book announcement came just before the re-launch of the London House of Vans, which opened again on 4 November with an event hosted in partnership with Vice. And throughout November, the London venue will be celebrating ten years of House of Vans with an exhibition in its underground gallery space.

“House of Vans, in all of its forms manifested over the past decade,” says Doug Palladini, Vans global brand president, in the foreword of the book, “is magical; one of those unicorns, often imitated but never duplicated. From open mic MC’s to Mos Def… skate lessons for the little ones to massive demos from pros… from old(ish) Television and Blondie to the new(ish) Speedy Ortiz and Bully gigs. From winter coat drives to House Parties. House of Vans yields more great memories… and more sheer joy per square foot than any other experiential platform in existence.”


Courtesy of Vans, 2021.

Vans is one of many brands choosing to publish artistic retrospective books on their cultural work. Not long ago, Dazed published its own 30 year archive of magazine covers with Rizzoli, the publisher which also helped fashion brand Ganni release its own hardback Gimme More this year. And even the online gif database Giphy recently released its hardback collection of gif artists.

This new book hopes to direct attention to the venue’s most memorable moments, such as the Vans House Parties events first held at the inaugural Brooklyn location, alongside deep-dive style features on performing artists, interactive how-to’s, and goes behind-the-scenes of the art installations and murals that adorn the venues’s walls. Vans hopes that the book will make its readers feel like they are holding the history of the House of Vans in their hands, and experiencing all that goes on in its venues.

For the tenth anniversary of the venue, House of Vans – If These Walls Could Talk will be available for purchase in limited quantities through Vans Family.


Courtesy of Vans, 2021.

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Courtesy of Vans, 2021.

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