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Hyperbolic, diabolic, chocaholic: the i’s latest campaign encourages readers to see every angle


Theresa May, Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson, and Kim Jong-un have finally been seen together at last. The most unlikely quintet since the time we bumped into the boys from Blue backstage at Butlins, they’ve been thrown together as part of i News’ latest campaign: See Every Angle.

The series of illustrations have been commissioned to explore the unexpected aspects of some of the most famous people in the world. Three colours are used in each image to “represent different viewpoints,” and these are aligned with “three different descriptions of the famous person’s character.”

Media moguls i News – who publish a daily paper alongside a website – are of the belief that the campaign delivers on its promise to “highlight the newspaper’s unswerving commitment to impartiality,” with the central idea being that “readers should make up their own mind from the facts presented, rather than be influenced by an opinion in newspaper editorial.”

The facts include the news that the DPRK’s leader is a chocoholic, BoJo is as vaudevillian as he is Churchillian, and Donald Trump is a brick-like shade of orange. At least we think that’s what they mean, anyway.

Executed by creative agency Atomic London, the campaign seeks to position the paper’s readers as free thinkers.


i News: See Every Angle (Via Atomic London)


i News: See Every Angle (Via Atomic London)


i News: See Every Angle (Via Atomic London)


i News: See Every Angle (Via Atomic London)