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Ghoulish. Gruesome. Gloriously entertaining. Watch the opening credits to Chance the Rapper’s upcoming movie, Slice


Ghoulish silhouettes, jittering zombie eyes and blood-red dripping slime. This is what the I Saw John First directed title sequence for b-movie homage, Slice, is made of.

The retro-style film follows the sinister slaying of a set of pizza delivery boys on the job in a small spooky town (which is situated, fittingly, on a gateway to hell). Chance the Rapper plays daring pizza delivery boy survivor-turned-werewolf, Dax Lycander, out to catch the creepy culprits behind this seemingly cryptic crime spree.

Fusing feature elements from the film itself, with deliciously dark b-movie-inspired details, the credits are presented illustriously in a haunting — often ‘heebie-jeebies’ instigating — humorous style. The animation references the worst of eighties horror-movie titles, think: scooter smoke transforming into phantom figures, flickering neon light signage on the edge of a forest and chattering teeth, gruesome eyeballs and severed hands flying towards your screen.

Basically, it is prime Friday afternoon freaky-fodder for your own eyeballs… enjoy.