New art project seeks to reveal the “real size” of modern life's most famous behind

25 June 2019

Ida-Simon: The Bum

The last time digital art duo Ida-Simon appeared on It’s Nice That, it’d just made the world’s first (permanent) artwork on the blockchain – a giant ASCII penis. Today, the duo launches a new website/project that takes a closer look at one of contemporary life’s most familiar sights.

“The wait is finally over,” we’re told. “Hundreds, potentially thousands of images of the world’s most famous body part have been analysed and carefully measured. Interviews have been read through and words evaluated. Everyone has always known that it’s big, but exactly how big is it?”

Ida-Simon is, of course, talking about Kim Kardashian’s behind. No mere attempt at digital titillation, the pair describes the project, simply titled The Bum as “a commentary on the time we live in.”

Having examined hundreds of images to “get a sense of scale, shape, and character,” and been privy to leaked information about the alleged dimensions of the bottom in question, Ida-Simon was able to create a 3D render which is now viewable in fully-scalable form across all devices. There’s even an option to download the derriere for 3D printing.

The duo cites the now-infamous 2014 Paper Magazine cover as the moment that Kardashian’s backside became a fully-fledged part of the shared cultural consciousness.

“I simply think people deserve this website,” says Ida Jonsson, one half of the pair.


Ida-Simon: The Bum

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