How to get a promotion — and decide if it’s the right call for you

The standard of constant career progression can put pressure on all of us to shoot for promotions. In this guide, we explore how to take a step back and assess.

6 March 2023

Here at If You Could Jobs, we’re big believers in thinking through work-related decisions with equal parts caution and optimism. So this week, we’re revisiting a guide that suggests five steps to help you develop your career, from deciding you’re ready for an upgrade, to considering the pros and cons, and eventually, preparing to take the plunge.⁠

If you think you might be ready for a promotion, you need to understand what opportunities are available to you. This will depend on a number of factors… Is the company where you currently work large enough to facilitate a promotion? Is there an existing culture of people moving up the ladder? Writer Sarah Trounce explores all this and more in the guide.

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