The If You Could Jobs Weekly: How to carve out space for workplace development

With competing demands for our time on the rise at work, we talk to the founder of You Can Now about how to continually support your own development.

12 September 2022

This month we’re focusing on training and development. We’ll explore a host of relevant resources, dig into the benefits of lifelong learning, and share tips for using the insights you gain. Here to introduce our editorial theme is Nick Defty, founder of You Can Now, with three simple and inexpensive ways to make personal and professional development a key part of your working day.

“In the absence of feedback, we learn nothing. And possibly the least helpful kind of feedback we can receive is that generic praise you’re probably familiar with. The ‘great job!’ remark we hear from our manager or teammate after a successful presentation may be well-intentioned — but there’s not a lot we can take away from it,” says Nick Defty, founder of You Can Now.

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