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14 January 2022

Sarah Trounce has written this month’s guide exploring how employers can develop their internal brand and bring the best of their business to the hiring process.

“Hiring right now is hard. And getting people to stay is even harder. “The market has never been more competitive,” says James Greenfield, CEO and founder of Koto. With headlines proclaiming the ongoing effects of The Great Resignation, many sectors – including the creative industries – are facing a pronounced shortage of new talent. The pressure is on for businesses to stand out – not only in terms of the quality of their products and services – but in what they stand for and how they live these values through visible, tangible actions.


Illustration by Sergio Membrillas

Developing a cohesive internal brand will help you clarify your values as a business and get the people you want and need on board with your vision. A successful internal brand will forge strong connections between employer and employees — strong enough to weather pandemics, resignations and changing attitudes towards work itself.

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