How to make sure your professional development doesn’t fall by the wayside

Prioritising your development at work is a unique process for everyone, but we’ve collated some tips to help along the way.

27 February 2023

Our work selves — like the rest of our personalities — are continually growing, learning and evolving. Who we are at work can never be totally separate from who we are outside of our professional role; every area of our life informs another. Even those of us who are happy in our current roles do not want to stand still. We always need to move forward in order to feel engaged with and connected to the world around us.

Professional development can look very different from one person to the next. In this sense, it’s always a personal decision and a unique process. There are formal training programmes that offer official certificates and endorsements; inspirational conferences and workshops designed to sow the seeds of change; and a whole range of resources that allow you to learn and develop at your preferred pace – and according to your own tastes and interests – including books, podcasts, online courses and events. Here are five approaches to consider if you’re thinking about expanding your professional development. You might try some right away, and you might save others for a later stage in your career.

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