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Ikea sends out cross-stitched IRL “emails” by agency Lida


A new direct mail-out campaign from Swedish retailer Ikea has seen a selection of its customers receive cross-stitched IRL “emails”, created by marketing agency Lida.

The Handcrafted artworks depict an email window sewn on to hessian fabric, with every detail from the social media logos in the footer to the browser buttons included. The effect of the process – sewing each “dot” of the image in a cross, even gives a pixelated effect.

Based on a brief to “send an email without an email address”, Lida created the campaign with the underlying message of “craft and care”. It is aiming to establish a stronger relationship with the retailer’s Ikea Family members, and advertise a discount promotion.

Creative director on the project was Vaughan Townsend, art director was Andy Preston, executive creative director was Nicky Bullard, and designers were Mirjami Qin and Dan French.


Lida: Handcrafted for Ikea