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Ikea recreates the living rooms in The Simpsons, Friends, and Stranger Things


Ikea Real Life

Apparently, it’s not just build-your-own furniture that Ikea offers. The Swedish homeware company’s United Arab Emirates branch is showing customers how they can assemble their own liveable, functioning replicas of some of the most recognisable living rooms in popular culture.

In an online advertising campaign that tunes into the modern-day craze for bingeable TV, Ikea has teamed up with Publicis Spain to create Ikea Real Life, a series of curated interiors that mimic iconic TV scenery by combining Ikea’s real products with digital manipulation techniques.

Now, if you are so inclined, you can recreate your living room in the image of The Simpsons’ opening credits, right down to the tilted picture that hangs on the wall behind the rust-coloured sofa. Or maybe your dream lounge area is a replica of the loft in Friends, complete with bright purple walls and a geometric rug. And for Stranger Things super fans, there’s even a lookalike of the Byers’ 80s-style sitting room, adorned with fairy lights and the letters of the alphabet painted haphazardly onto the floral wallpaper. (Although we must point out, Ikea’s version is much tidier than the dismantled living room that sets the scene for Joyce Byers’ unshakeable search for Will.)


Ikea Real Life


Ikea Real Life