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Jean Jullien has made iMessage stickers for Vogue


Jean Jullien has worked with Vogue to create a set of iMessage stickers for AW17. The set of 24 illustrations, some animated by Jean’s brother Nicolas Jullien, loosely surrounds the theme of fashion poking light fun at the industry. A wide-eyed woman applies red lipstick all over her face, another quickly backs away from a wine-sipping group at an event, while another’s eyes droop from FROW fatigue.

Created in time for a fall fashion refresh, says Vogue, this is a “stylish makeover for your phone. There’s an endless revolving door for when Fashion Week has you crazed, a literal cat catwalk for your sassier days, and an AWOK Post-it for when your look gets the Vogue stamp of approval.”

Typically for the illustrator, the style parodies in a charming and lovably naive way, capturing accessible and comedic characters and scenarios. They’re not all fashion-specific either – there’s a tapping stilettoed foot, a gleeful stuffed suitcase and a character slumped in an armchair that could apply to any of us after a hard day’s work.

Download the Vogue app in the App Store to have access to the stickers on your iMessage.