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Jeremy Deller behind “strong and stable my arse” posters 


Turner prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller has confirmed that he is the creative behind a series of anonymous Strong and stable my arse prints posted around London. 

The posters were spotted around various boroughs of London last weekend (20 – 21 May 2017), with no reference that Jeremy had created them. On Monday he confirmed to The Guardian that he was responsible stating: “He said he hoped the posters were self-explanatory, particularly after ‘this U-turn this morning’ from Theresa May on Conservative party social care policies.” 

The statement is a reference to Theresa May’s repetitive tagline of the Conservative party’s manifesto and her election campaign. Posters are available to buy for in a limited edition at an affordable price via Flying Leaps. The first edition of the prints has already sold out and a second edition has now been made available.