New Chemical Brothers Out of Control video transports us to the Second Summer of Love

Inspired by 80s rave, the video by Jimmy Turrell, Surrender artist Kate Gibb and animators Computer Team was created to accompany a new version of The Chemical Brothers 1999 hit Out of Control (remixed by The Avalanches), which has been released in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the former’s iconic album Surrender.

29 November 2019
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Graphic artist and director Jimmy Turrell has created an 80s rave-inspired video for a new version of The Chemical Brothers’ 1999 hit Out of Control. Remixed by The Avalanches, the track has been released to celebrate the 20th anniversary since the duo’s cult album Surrender was released.

Turrell co-directed the video with artist Kate Gibb, who created Surrender’s original screen-printed cover and defined The Chemical Brothers’ 90s aesthetic, as well as Portland-based animators Computer Team. “We wanted a blissed out look and feel as The Avalanches remix is a much deeper and chilled out house version of the original,” Turrell tells It’s Nice That.

Taking the form of a lyric video, the concept behind the project was devised by Turrell and Gibb during a week-long stint at the Turrell’s studio. “Since Kate’s original covers used photography from hippy festivals around 1969, we decided to move the subject matter 20 years forward (as it’s 20 years since Surrender was released) to the Second Summer Of Love in 1989,” says Turrell. “The Chemical Brothers studied in Manchester at that time and the Hacienda was their Mecca, as is mentioned in some of the soundbites in the lyrics of this track.”

The pair created the video’s handmade feel by scanning Kate’s original work, while reverse engineering shapes and images to fit in the storyboard. Turrell tells us “I’d just came off the back of art directing Beck’s new album Hyperspace, which is very photographic. Returning to a more earthy, tactile, screenprinted style felt like the polar opposite.”

This was then sent over to Portland-based Computer Team, who Turrell had previously worked with on Beck’s live visuals and videos. Turrell then shot some dancers on a green screen and provided Computer Team with typography to chop up and make move alongside the video’s lyrics. “The way they’ve converted my more graphic style and Kate’s colours and tones in a moving piece has been really inspiring,” says Turrell.

Watch the video below.

GalleryJimmy Turrell, Kate Gibb and Computer Team: The Chemical Brothers, Out of Control (Remixed by The Avalanches)

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