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Jo Ratcliffe and Another Magazine make animation launching a new Chanel bag


Chanel X Jo Ratcliffe X Another magazine

Artist Jo Ratcliffe has teamed up with Another magazine to make an animation which celebrates the launch of a new quilted Chanel handbag named “Gabrielle” after the fashion house’s founder.

The cell animation is made up of 1,457 Indian ink drawings in red and black. It forms one longer animation and three shorter clips, all soundtracked by music from violinist Ysanne Spevack.

The first clip shows a Chanel nail varnish transforming into a female hand before morphing into a curvy figure dressed in a Chanel bikini carrying a Gabrielle handbag. The second animation shows lines snaking into a red Chanel lipstick which then becomes a female profile. The last animation shows a grid background becoming a woman with “Gabrielle” written in red across her chest.