Jonas Lindstroem and KENZO release The Voice of This Generation

20 May 2016

KENZO has released the results of its new visual narrative collaboration with Berlin-based photographer and filmmaker Jonas Lindstroem, alongside stylist Marc Goehring. Approached by KENZO for the latest in its ongoing series of creative-lead editorials, Jonas’ turn in the driving seat has produced some of the most striking visuals yet. The Voice of This Generation, dropped onto the internet this week via the artist’s Instagram before being unveiled on the KENZO website, is less a traditional campaign than a collaborative effort in dynamic interpretation and response.

The stillness and expectation of the photographic image is broken in each frame, creating what the artist himself calls “short emotions captured in a moving picture”. Though not unmoving, the camera’s field of view remains locked on its subjects whose movements (sometimes subtle, sometimes spirited) are key to their striking effect, reminiscent of momentary memories.

Already noted for his previous work for the likes of Nowness, Nike and a recent music video for MMOTHS, Jonas further picked up wins at Fashion Film Festival Milano in 2015. A clear extension of his previous work, in which the artist is moved to “take out individual scenes and have them stand on their own”, Jonas’ vision here repurposes his bold visual signature into a fresh and dynamic form. Instead of a series of images enveloped by a soundtrack, here they are presented as a collection of curated, carefully organised silent cinematic vignettes. More than ever, the images in their own right, convey the strong sense of atmosphere.

Yet, taken as they are as a collection of images, just as in his videographic work before it, Jonas weaves an “abstract story circling around ideas of youth, basic human instinct and the archetypal elements that surround us.” His work in the two fields are clearly inextricably entwined, benefiting the editorial in creating a sense of cohesion and narrative throughout the seemingly disparate vignettes.

Interestingly, though undoubtedly concerned with responding to the KENZO Summer collection, the brand has allowed the artist the freedom to convey the themes broadly, without simply serving the product, which helps the finished narrative stand as both effective marketing and exciting artistic expression in its own right.

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