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Jony Ive replaces James Dyson as chancellor of the Royal College of Art


Jony Ive

The Royal College of Art has announced the appointment of Jony Ive, chief design officer at Apple, as its new chancellor. Jony will begin the five-year, non-salaried role in July 2017, succeeding James Dyson, who has been provost of the college (the role’s previous title) since 2011.

This is Jony Ive’s first non-Apple related appointment since starting as design lead at the Californian tech giant in 1996. The appointment ties in with the RCA’s development into the domains of computer and materials science, the impact of the digital economy, advance manufacturing and intelligent mobility. He will advise the college during this period of expansion, during which its new building in Battersea is being constructed for a planned opening in 2020.

Paul Thompson, rector of the RCA said in a statement that Jony is “the world’s leading designer of his generation” who “embodies the RCA’s ideals of technology and design excellence”.

Jony Ive also commented: “I am thrilled to formalise my relationship with the RCA, given the profound influence the College has had on so many of the artists and designers that I admire. Our design team includes many RCA alumni, who embody the fundamental values of the College. I look forward to advising both the College and students, hoping that my experience proves useful in their work.”