Apple celebrate World Emoji Day by turning Jony Ive into... an emoji

17 July 2018


Whether you like it or not, World Emoji Day is real and it exists and it falls today. While you were out at the petrol station looking for an appropriate last minute gift, the team at Apple have decided, in their infinite wisdom, to transform their senior executives into emojis. Consider it their present to you, the emoji-enjoying consumer.

The cutesy reinterpretation of some of the tech sector’s most important and influential figures has been made possible by utilising a new feature the company are set to roll out globally when iOS 12 hits the iPhone X in September.

Memoji allows users to create animated 3D emoticons of themselves – just in case the 2,666 that Apple currently offer don’t quite cut it when it comes to replying to a text from your mum on the days when language seems like an extravagant effort.

So if you’ve ever woken up in a sweat-slicked panic at 2AM on a Sunday morning, worrying that you’d never get to see what Tim Cook or Jony Ive might look like had they been transplanted into a late-90s farming RPG, the answer is simple: exactly what you’d imagine Tim Cook or Jony Ive to look like had they been transplanted into a late-90s farming RPG.

While the Apple execs may be a one-day-only deal, the company also used this day of celebration to introduce 70 new permanent emojis. These additions include everything from lobsters to lettuces, via kangaroos, peacocks, and an entire fleet of ginger haired characters.

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