Found piece of Keith Haring mural to go up on New York's Canal Street

13 April 2018

Keith Haring: Untitled (FDR NY) 1984, photographed by Charles Benton

Originally unveiled in 1984, Keith Haring’s Untitled (FDR NY) – was a near 300 feet of spray-painted figures on panels that once ran along the New York City highway, visible — as was Keith’s way — for all the public to see. The 30 plus panels were dispersed a year later, but this April sees the installation of a “significant” section of the mural return to New York’s China Town for the general public’s viewing pleasure.

Well known for connecting the (at times) cornered off art world with the streets, Keith largely worked in public and displayed his works out in the world, once saying, “If I only made paintings in a gallery, I would probably be frustrated.” In keeping with his ethos Untitled (FDR NY) is being presented by 99 Cents Fine Art as an installation visible to passers by on Canal Street.

The two rescued panels are animated by Keith’s iconic dancing figures, one break-dancing, one with a television for a head and three riding on the back of a large barking dog. The panels, though somewhat weather-worn and partially graffitied over, capture the very essence of Keith’s drive to make his art accessible, layered with energy and out in the public sphere.

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