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Veteran designer Sir Kenneth Grange has reconfigured the pint glass


Camden Town Brewery

One of British design’s most enduring figures has been tasked with revamping one of British life’s most endearing objects.

Sir Kenneth Grange – the product designer responsible for the Anglepoise lamp, the iconic TXI London black cab, and the Kodak Instamatic 33 camera – has unveiled his unusual but ergonomic take on the pint glass.

Two years ago Kenneth found himself sat supping a pint at Hampstead’s Horseshoe pub. An idea began the process of germination. What, he thought, would happen if you combined the dappled rigidity of a helles stein with the slender shape of a pilsner glass?

Yesterday, we found out. Made with London beer big boys Camden Town Brewery, the result is a distinct reimagining one of the more quotidian objects in the British psyche. “When you’ve been looking at pint glasses for more than 20 years, you start to have ideas on how you can change them. Kenneth and I talked about him designing a glass but I never dreamed it would actually happen,” says Camden’s founder Jasper Cuppaidge.

Ungainly but oddly elegant, we’re already looking to getting our hands on one over the weekend. Which shouldn’t be too hard as the Kenneth glass is set to be rolled out into bars, pubs, and restaurants across the UK as of now.


Camden Town Brewery