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Muji’s Kenya Hara curates a show of exquisite Japanese paper-work


From ‘Takeo Paper Show: Subtle’

It’s Nice That readers probably care about paper than most of the population. You can suss out a fellow INT’er out and about by listening in close and “accidentally overhearing” a conversation about GSMs and vellum finishes.

If you spend a slightly disconcerting amount of time in art supply shops contemplating ream after ream of A4, an upcoming opening could make for the best day of the year so far.

Takeo Paper Show: Subtle is a brand new exhibition created by Muji’s Kenya Hara coming to Japan House London in November that explores Japanese minimalism and the limitless possibilities of what can be done with fine paper. The show will present works designed and crafted by 15 multi-disciplinary creators living and working in Japan from across a range of disciplines.

Since 1965, the Takeo Paper Show has been an annual event, known for working with top creators to take up the challenge of bringing out new potential from paper. For this London show, the Japan House have asked the Muji main man to assemble some of his favourite contemporary paper work.

Kenya himself says his intention with Subtle is to “rethink and broaden the possibilities for fine paper. On show are some highly creative applications for paper that push the boundaries of the medium and demonstrate the very subtle effect that these objects have on the viewer. By bringing these objects so close to the visitor, the white space not only evokes the minimalism of paper but provides a quiet space in which to look closely at its often overlooked and subtle qualities”.

The show opens Tuesday 13 November and shuts on Christmas Eve.


From ‘Takeo Paper Show: Subtle’


From ‘Takeo Paper Show: Subtle’


From ‘Takeo Paper Show: Subtle’


From ‘Takeo Paper Show: Subtle’


From ‘Takeo Paper Show: Subtle’